The Sun.

Sunshine streaming through the glass on a cold, January morning is Da Bomb, don't get me wrong. But, after several weeks, could be months for all I know...I've lost so much time being SAD, of gloomy darkness, the sun, enlightening the dust, dog fur, oh and look! there's a Starbucks cup on the not [...]

Thoughts on the gym.

So I've been hitting the gym regularly. I have to say that what "they" say is true...the gym is about 5,324 times more crowded the first few weeks of the New Year. Resolutions and all, apparently. Annoying, definitely. I've tried several different times to go and guess I will stick with my usual time of [...]

Some observations.

Just a fancy way to say, A List.1. The wreath hanging on the mirror in the living room above the fireplace still smells heavenly, and it has been there since the day after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, because it does hang above the fireplace and the fireplace has been used almost every day since then, it is [...]