Blogging Sabbatical.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers. This has been a very difficult week. Very sad. Today is the funeral. Last night was the viewing. Our sweet friends are holding up, totally by faith and by prayer, I’m convinced. As Steve said to us yesterday, “this is the easy time…when we are surrounded by everyone. It is when we are alone and able to think…”

I wanted to share with you that I am taking a blogging sabbatical…in fact, I’m going to really restrict my computer time to 99% business related only. I will not be checking blogs. I will not be e-mailing, as a rule.

God and I have a lot of communicating to do. I am not hearing him as I should. I am not obeying as I should.

Taking a break feels…right.

I’ll be back. I’m anticipating around May 1.

Oh. I’m not taking a break from my phone, however.

So call me!