On Being 47.

47Forty-sevenFour decades plus sevenMarried twenty-five years(not sure which shocks me more...the age or the years married)hanging on to this extra weightdesperately seeking organizationscared I will never find itwanting to live intentionallyto live with intentwith purposewith focusto loveto blessblessedmother of threeamazedgratefulliving with less fearwanting to live with no fearliving with more faithwanting to live with complete [...]

My Baby Boy is 12.

Twelve! I can not believe it.I so remember the joy and giddiness of finding out (after one whole month of trying) that I was pregnant with you. Your dad...well...shock is a better word. He thought he would have more time to get used to the idea of maybe having a third child. Five years after [...]