Monday Night Bible Study.

I was having my quiet time yesterday morning, praying through my prayer list, and my thoughts touched upon each of my Bible Study Home Girls. This is the group of women I have been doing bible study with for the past couple of years. We meet Monday nights at 7:00. As my thoughts touched on each one, I realized what a blessing they are to me. They are, in the typical way a group of women tends to be, eclectic. A huge range of ages, professions, religious backgrounds and personalities. I wanted to share a photo of some of them with you. Although four or five of our regular girls are missing.

One of these women I have known for 13 years. We met at the corner where our streets connect on the first day we both put our first child on the kindergarten bus. I was 6 months pregnant with our youngest, her youngest was 8 months old (they are now best buds). She has three boys. I bow to her regularly in unworthiness. She and I were both raised in the Episcopal church. Going Southern Baptist has been challenging, but rewarding, for both of us.

Another woman is Australian. A chaplain’s wife. I love her Aussie accent. Especially when she reads, because, as she tells me frequently, “I learned to read in Australian.” She now leads our Women’s Ministry. She is so down to earth and I adore her.

One of us attends a Catholic Church. But has been coming to our Beth Moore bible studies all along. She challenges each of us in our spiritual thinking and walk. She has had me thinking all last night and today with this question, “But God protects and loves the Jews who are not Messianic, right?” After all…they are God’s Chosen. We talked about the Remnant. We talked about the way to the Father is through the Son. But what about God’s Chosen? And also, how do we know that when a Muslim prays to Allah, he isn’t praying to the One True God? I know that we challenge her, too. That’s what it is about. Our bible study would NOT be the same without her.

These are just a couple examples of the wonderful group of women I share a passion for Christ with. Most of them were surprised to hear I had a blog and, like our Pastor, questioned my trust that the women I blog with are, in fact, who and what they say they are. We did have a lively discussion about blogging and the Internet last night. Not surprising since our ages range from 35-60 (give or take a year and not that you would even imagine any of us are that old!).

For some reason, I have withheld my blog from the majority of this group. It is not that I am hesitant in sharing my thoughts and heart with them. They certainly know I do during bible study and at other times we are together. I’m not really sure why I haven’t. A couple of the women do read my blog and have from the very beginning. I met with them for another bible study on Tuesday mornings for a couple of years and when I felt I needed to take that time back for my family and all that was/is going on with them, I still needed a way to connect with them and had hoped my blog would do that.

So…here we are. Out in the open. I’m sending them all an e-mail inviting them to check out my blog and the picture The Man took of us last night…

3 thoughts on “Monday Night Bible Study.

  1. Y’all are just beautiful! Bible study groups are extended family who are there for us and love us and encourage us and pray with us.I couldn’t imagine life without mine! THanks for sharing and I bet they will absolutely love your blog!Hugs~Fran


  2. Many of my friends know I write a blog, but I actually started it last year because I was going through a really tough time with a friend and felt I couldn’t speak about it to anyone in person. My blog became something important to me, which I didn’t really want to share. I have deleted most of the blogs that were written during that time…but for whatever reason, found our little “group” here and well haven’t really wanted to share it. Not out of fear or hiding or anything like that. Just out of having something that is, I don’t know, mine I guess. (I have had some boundary issues with some friends who think they can just barge right into every aspect of my life…I think I am gun shy about that happening again if I share.) Wow, this is a long comment….sorry! Your group is beautiful…YAY…I love Bible Study Girls!How was dinner?Ok, bye!


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