The Desert.

~~UPDATED~~T reminded me that I wanted to mention one specific thing He has give me during this dry and arid time...faithfocusfollow-through*Hey Sweet Girls. I just need to talk to you for a moment.It's been kinda quiet here in This Girl land, I know. Oh, I have had a lot to say. Tons, really. But none [...]

Today. A few thoughts on where I am, what I’m doing and how I’m feeling…

Today. What will I choose to do with this day? Some things are out of my control...Sarah is at work (she's working at a vet clinic...she LOVES it and apparently has a steel coated stomach, able to withstand all she's seen AND done so far) and she will need to be picked up around 12:00. [...]

Some Kind a Day.

Brett - 6th Grade GraduationShawn and AmandaIn the limo...heading to dinner and then to Prom!SarahSarah and Matt...all for show...I totally had to pin the boutonniere on!It was a great day. Brett's graduation in the morning. Lots of errands. Relatives arriving. Thankfully, my two cousins (in their early 20's) arrived just in time to help Sarah [...]