First Day of School.

It was more difficult than I thought. I pretended to cry. And we laughed about it.

I was really crying when I turned away.

Sure, I’d seen The Boy and My Girl drive off to school in the Jeep a couple dozen times before. But not as a Senior. And a Junior. I felt like The Boy was driving away for good.

He didn’t even look back. But he did give the horn a honk.

The Little Boy was in constant motion this morning and could barely stop for a picture. Only one I snapped was of him not “in motion”. He was excited to be off.

I guess I shouldn’t be upset that none of them seemed the slightest bit upset that it was the first day of school. Each for different reasons…for My Girl, it’s ALL about the social. With The Boy, it was the beginning of his senior year. A definite milestone that he was anxious to embrace and enjoy. For The Little Boy, he was off to see his buds. And he was also the “upper classman” at his elementary school.

No, I shouldn’t be upset. We’ve done our job. Each was happy and excited to head out this morning.

I’m the only one having a problem with it. Well, me and The Man.
Notice HE wasn’t around for the send off this morning.