Catching up with The Smith’s.

I should be at CFA aka "bible study" with The Girls this morning. Instead, I am sitting on my not-so-new-anymore beloved blue couch trying to function. Fibromyalgia has won the battle after a very long and stressful two weeks of getting ready for vacation; having beach house keys in hand and receiving a phone call [...]

If the workmen are here, it must be Saturday and a chocolate pudding recipe.

Y'all. We have had workmen in our house non-stop since the second week in February...TWO-THOUSAND TEN. Okay, that is a slight exaggeration but honestly, I am so tired of it. And there is still another week's worth of work left to do in the master bath. Never mind that since we signed the contract we [...]

Things I am Currently Obsessed with…A List.

1. Trader Joe's coffee beans. The. Bomb.2. Whipping cream. Thanks to my dear friend, Vee. She turned me on to whipping cream for my coffee, in the Winter, many, many years ago. I am hooked.3. Tony Stark, Phil Coulson, Steve Rogers and everything that is the Marvel Comics Movies.4. Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter. Actually leaned [...]

Acupuncture and Mean Min.

I have been, sporadically, continuing with the acupuncture. If you know anything about Eastern Medicine, and the only real thing I know is what Thomas, the acupuncturist has told me and basically that is: "Western Medicine has been around for a few hundred years...Easter Medicine has been around for thousands of years," than you know [...]