A list of Thankfuls this Thursday morning.

Still re-reading your messages about your own struggles with anxiety/depression/stuff. As I was reading them this morning, this reminder came across The Twitter:Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Psalm 150:6Praising Him for:...puppy breath and nibbles......nestled in my Mame's chair, crocheting and listening to the crickets sing their night song......warm velvet [...]

Wednesday Morning Simple Thankfuls.

  ...closing my eyes and hearing...feeling...the pounding of the waves on the shore, calling me back... ...leaving a bedroom window open to hear the dusting of raindrops on leaves throughout my dreams......that perfect stillness, just before the dawn......needing a sweatshirt for my morning quiet time on the porch...two weeks into August......the soft footprints of the [...]


I am a technology hound. I love my iPhone, iPod, iMac, PC, iPad, music in every room, nice big flat screen in the living room with surround sound. All of it.Also, clearly I am spoiled beyond reason. We are spoiled beyond measure. Sometimes I feel terribly guilty over it. Being such a Princess. Or The [...]


A to do list, of sorts.1. What's worse than having your own stuff lying around because there is no place for it? Having someone else's stuff lying around your house. Getting rid of boxes and extra lamps and, Lord, help me, the scooter parked in my living room...August goal #1.2. For Sale: Electric Scooter. Snappy [...]

Thankful…number 1.

I'm starting a new series on This Girl. I will be linking up these thankful posts on the left side, if anyone is interested. Would love to hear your thankful's, also. So figure out how to comment here. Maybe I should do a comment tutorial this week? Let me know if you are interested.thankful for...freedom...especially [...]