Thankful…number 1.

I’m starting a new series on This Girl. I will be linking up these thankful posts on the left side, if anyone is interested. Would love to hear your thankful’s, also. So figure out how to comment here. Maybe I should do a comment tutorial this week? Let me know if you are interested.

thankful for…

freedom…especially in the midst of “heightened terrorist chatter”

my back porch…sitting out there in the early morning is my favorite part of the day

Shawn comes home from camp today…I will deny it, but I’ve really missed him

fuzzy slippers…my tootsies are always cold and my fuzzy slippers are my year-round companion

Tux kitty…more like a dog than any cat we’ve ever known…comes when we call him…talks to us…has to be in whatever room we are in, if not on our lap

sunrises…the promise of a new day, new adventures, do-overs, miracles

golden retrievers…

a husband who chooses daily to end the generational cycle…who loves me and loves our children and puts our family first

memories that keep us close to you, ABO

coffee mugs

Love you guys.

One thought on “Thankful…number 1.

  1. Mostly I'm thankful for the people in my life. I have an amazing family…not just the sibs and parents, but the entire family. The aunts, uncles, cousins…everyone.

    I'm thankful for my bestie Marianne, who puts up with so much crap from me sometimes, but loves me anyway!

    My wind chime, that reminds me of Jeffrey every time it moves.

    My pastor who is passionate and so smart!


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