Just listen.

I’m not sure how other bloggers do it, but I always start my blog off with the Post Title.

Except for this post. Normally, I have a pretty good feel for what I am going to write about. And, while I know how I’m going to begin this post, I’m still not sure where it is going to go.

I went to bed early last night with the heating pad. Chronic backaches are the worst when they are acting up. Also had a bit of a headache trying to begin and I was hoping to wake up pain-free and refreshed. Instead, I woke up about every 90 minutes during the night and well into the early morning. Head and back still gripey.

So I let everyone else head off to church without me.

Best decision I’ve made in a long while.

The house to myself. better yet…the back porch to myself. The cool, low humidity breeze had the leaves and branches all dancing. I had my quiet time out there. I ate breakfast out there. I kept wandering back out there until I realized I was being called back there.

sit down a-spell, and let Us chat

you listen

I used to question whether I was hearing from God or from my own selfish desires or worries. Like a good friend whose voice you instantly recognize on the phone, it takes listening to recognize a voice. Especially the Voice. Oh, it is not an audible sound, normally. Although sometimes the whisper of the wind can be His call to us. To me.

I confess I’m really not a great listener. I’m a huge talker. In fact, most candid photos of me throughout the ages usually capture my mouth in mid-sentence and a dazed and glazed-over look on the face of whomever has the misfortune of standing next to me.

Listening is hard for me. This morning, stopping and listening was easy. Digesting what I heard, not so easy.

I used to believe that when the kids were older, grown upish, life would be much more calm. Easy, even. There would be nothing stressing me out. Russell and I would have nothing to argue about and everything to laugh and smile about. That is so not life. Now I realize that choosing to be calm and not stressed is the key. Choosing to laugh and smile.

I guess I’ve been kinda ticked at life. People moving away; changes in job situations; getting a much needed vacation that didn’t quite turn out the way I expected; the fallout from choices…mine and those I love. I’ve been focusing on the negative side of life. Flipping life over and seeing the good…not always my strong area.

I decided to do some baking. Peach cobbler and strawberry cobbler. Baking soothes me. Also, the anticipating of tasting the finished product…pretty soothing. While slicing up the fresh peaches, I started counting my thankful’s. There are more than I can count. Which is why, I suppose, I felt led to purchase this book last week:

Lot of opportunities to list my thankful’s in here. Check it out. Maybe you will feel called to purchase a copy for your own thankful counting.

I guess I’ll end this post with this…

just listen

Love you guys.

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