March 21

One year ago today, my sister called me with words that changed our lives forever. Andy had collapsed at the gym. They had been unable to revive him. Get. There. Now. Rockville was only a 35 minute drive away for me. Ten minutes into the drive my mom called to say that Andy was gone. [...]

The Back Porch

It is a stunning Spring morning. I am sitting on our back porch. Screened in with skylights and a ceiling fan, it is just about the best place in the whole wide world for morning quiet time. Our house backs up to parkland and a dense grove of trees separate our yard from the yards [...]

Get on with it.

Is it the proverbial "writer's block?" Or is it something more. *that was a statement, not a question*A few months ago, I knew it was time for me to get back on track with some things God wanted me to be doing. Writing, one of them. Exercise, another. Instead, I chose to focus on what [...]