Nana’s House versus Home. A reflection.

  • Nana’s house is a beauty queen. Home is a gawky 15 year old with braces and stringy hair.
  • Nana’s house is clean. Home looks like the entire Spartan offensive line has run through in full pads and cleats after a game in the rain and a run through the pig pen, just for good measure.
  • Nana’s house smells delicious. Home smells like a couple of dogs were playing along with the aforementioned offensive line in the pig pen.
  • Nana’s house is quiet. Home has iTunes running on the iMac; tv blaring in the living room; zombies being killed in the basement; kitties and teenagers hollering for food; and momma trying to get a word in.
  • Nana’s house is exquisitely decorated. Home should have a “Junk for free” sign out front.
  • Nana’s house has a fully stocked pantry and fridge. Home has a fully stocked pantry and fridge of mostly empty/completely empty packaging and containers.
  • Nana’s house easily passes the “white glove” test. Home…not so much.
  • Nana’s house has fluffy bedding and pillows. Home has fur covered bedding and lost-their-fluffiness-long-ago pillows.
  • At Nana’s house, everything has a place. At Home, everything is all over the place.
  • Nana’s house has Fox News on the tv all day long. Home has Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Zombies on the tv all day long.
  • Nana’s house is a wonderful retreat. Home is…bliss.

I loved being at Nana’s house; but there truly is no place like home.

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