Ahhhh….The Quiet.

Other than Travis cranked in the background, my house is quiet. Peaceful. Heavenly.

Don’t get me wrong…I adore my children. And my Man. But it is so nice to have the house back.

We are such creatures of habit, aren’t we? When our schedule is thrown off by illness, company, children home from school all week, a husband off for a few days…well, I don’t know about y’all but I can get down-right cranky.

It was regrouping time this morning. In many ways. The Man was up and out without a stir from his slumbering bride. The kids were all up and out on time. I was up earlier than I have been getting up, but not as early as I need to be. God and I discussed that and many other things this morning. And it was wonderful to be on a first name basis with Him again. Not that I deserved it, but He was Gracious and filled my quiet time, bible study time, and prayer time with direction and proof that He is still here. Still loving me. Still wanting me to be This Girl and not that girl. For some reason, maybe because I am just coming out of the desert, I was thirsty for Him in a way I can’t even remember being in the past. I was open to Him. I listened when I needed to. I cried out when He urged me to. I drank in what He gave me through His word and through my heart. And the joy? It came flooding back.

Yes…it’s quiet here this morning. Quiet and full. And the best part?

Christ is Risen.

Christ is Risen, Indeed!