What’s stacked on YOUR bedside table to read?

I think I have pretty well established that I have a book problem love of reading.So this morning, I'm busily rearranging our bedroom prior to the scheduled within the next 8 hours visit of the Direct TV Dude...because you know...2 satellite receivers is not enough...nope...gotta have 4.Anyway, I try to pick up the pile of [...]

The Simple Life?

Had an amazing long weekend away with The Man to celebrate our 24th anniversary. We rode out the non Tropical Storm, Gabrielle. In fact, I slept through it Sunday afternoon and The Man watched football to his heart's content. It was heavenly!The morning we left, the sunrise was incredible.TS Gabbie didn't stop us from enjoying [...]

September 10

It seems like I've always known you. In fact, we were just young teenagers when we met.1979We have come so very far since those first few years of strife. 1983I still can not believe the amount of blessings God has bestowed on us.When I tell people we've been married 24 years, I'm saddened that the [...]

New Beginnings

Today begins the last weekend before the 2007-2008 school year begins. Lots of new beginnings happening. The Little Boy's last year in elementary school. All three Darlings have attended this one (and only) elementary school. The Man took them all up for Open House yesterday:All three had the same first grade teacher. When The Man [...]