The Dead Zone

This week, I have hit a bloggy wall. The dead zone. The dreaded blogger’s block. It’s not that I don’t have tons to say. Oh, Lordy yes but I do. It’s not that it is slow around here. I’ve barely sat still for five minutes this week. I didn’t even recognize The Man as he sat in a booth at the restaurant when we all finally hooked up for Linner (or is it Dunch) at 4:30 yesterday. (It was the back of his head we were viewing, and that’s my story.) And every night I’ve been dreaming about disasters, natural and otherwise, which is a sure sign that my brain is in over-drive.

No. The fact is that I have SO MUCH to say/share/blog about that I don’t know where to begin.

I know that bloggers often write their posts well in advance. Sometimes, in a flurry of blogging creativity, they’ll write blog-after-blog-after-blog and store them up to post later.

For some reason, I just haven’t been able to allow myself to do that. I want it fresh. I want it real. I want it current.

But I’m beginning to see the wisdom of just allowing creative juices to flow and write and store up. Because now…with so much to say…and so little time to write…

You’re stuck reading this.

Until I can catch up. Blog ahead (eww…I like that one).

But I’ll give you a little literary tease…

This weekend I’ll begin pulling together Our oldest son’s Senior Ad. Parents are given the opportunity to buy a page in the (all color this year) yearbook dedicated to our graduating Darling. The Man, knowing I love this kind of stuff (I was a senior editor on my high school yearbook just as Philip is. The Man was on his yearbook staff) knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with the limitations of a half-page ad or (help me, Jesus) a quarter page. No…we went full hog. I already have it planned out in my head and even photos (some of which I haven’t put my hands on in years) are falling into place in my mind. I’ll be sharing it with y’all when it’s done.

Also, because it’s all about our oldest apparently, we’ll be selecting (and writing a check for, gulp) his Senior Pics. The Man is also going to take some informals in the Spring (did I mention he was a photographer on the year book staff and also began college with the intent to become a photo journalist?). I know we’re still going to drop a hunk o’ change, though because I LOVE EVERY SINGLE PICTURE. And of course we have the order forms and examples of Graduation Announcements. Whoever said boys are cheaper had all girls. When I dared to suggest we could create our own grad announcements and invites…well, let’s just say that it got ugly. So, we’ll look into it, but I’ve already warned the other two that we might have to dip into Disney $ and they better be prepared to just wave at Mickey from the outside of the gate this year.

I hope to remember to share my caramel apple making. And maybe photos from the school fall festival on Saturday. The Man and our senior will be flipping burgers. The apples are for the senior class to sell. And maybe new photos from our youngest’s football game this weekend.

And there you have just a tiny bit to chew on.

3 thoughts on “The Dead Zone

  1. Do you go to Disney every year? Are you DVC members? We are! (For some reason, by the way you wrote “Disney money” I just thought you might go there often!)Anyway, have fun and DON’T Blog Ahead…I like the real stuff too!

  2. Hi Susan,I’m a little weepy as I have serious jet lag-your post made me cry as I’ve done two senior yearbook pages already and standing in the airport tonite, my friend who picked us up said she had a surprise for my elder daughter-she had picked up her class ring for her and gave it to her on the ride home. Oh.Kathy

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