Mamie’s Brownies…A recipe.

I know I have raved about my Mamie's brownies before, but seriously...they are The Best. You can not mess them up, no matter what you do. Believe me, I have tried. I have added everything out of order. I haven't beaten the eggs beforehand. I never sift the dry ingredients together. And each batch? Purrrrrrfection.Lately, [...]

A rambling list of new things.

So I gave up on last week's New Thing and have moved on to a New, New Thing.Just kidding. But really, I know you want to know how the New Thing is progressing. Fine and dandy, actually. I'm not here to chat about that this morning, however. Today...a list. Just for you, Di.1. Beach week [...]

A mother-daughter afternoon.

I noticed today that I have been complaining that come August...2014...when we return from Radford University after dropping The Wild Boy off for his first semester of his first year of college...I keep complaining that I won't be "an empty-nester."I will share a secret with you. I don't want to be an empty-nester. Yet. Maybe [...]

My Girl

I have been cleaning out Sarah's room a bit.She's hardly here anymore and rarely stays the night in her room so I'm going to begin taking it over and packing up some of her stuff.It's only a matter of time, I feel, before she moves out completely.Today I found this poem tucked away behind her [...]

What Day is it?

After three straight days of volleyball and then three hours shopping for a prom dress (no luck) I don't even know the date this morning.I have a lot to say. And I will. Eventually. But first, I need to catch up here. Brett is home sick today. I haven't been in the office pretty much [...]

Ups and Downs

Yesterday was back-to-school shopping day with My Girl.Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!We started the morning sniping at each other. But we were cheery and chatty once we got into the car. But that quickly turned back to a "discussion" that escalated to her announcing, "I am just NOT going to talk about this anymore." At [...]

And he was like…and she was like…and then I did this dance…

Living with a teenage daughter is SO VERY different from living with a teenage son, although they both crack me up on a continuous basis.My Girl is so different from what I was like one month shy of my 16th birthday. She is totally irresponsible when it comes to school and studying (it's all about [...]