Ups and Downs

Yesterday was back-to-school shopping day with My Girl.

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!

We started the morning sniping at each other. But we were cheery and chatty once we got into the car. But that quickly turned back to a “discussion” that escalated to her announcing, “I am just NOT going to talk about this anymore.” At which time she promptly turned up the music and turned down the window to drown me out.

Oh. No. You. Di’int.

So I promptly shut off the radio and put her window back up (love those power window controls on the driver’s side) and calmly continued our conversation. And we were back to cheery and chatty by the time we reached the mall.

I really didn’t mind shopping for her. All for her. All about her. We ate at Chick-fil-a…I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that!

She has lots of new clothes, two new pairs of shoes and headbands and earrings (oh my) and even had the cartlidge in her right ear pierced, which we had talked about doing for awhile.

So, why is it that on the way home, I suddenly reailized my voice had risen to the “warning…brain anuerism emminent” level and she was crying and sobbing and yelling back? Ah. The joys of having a teenage girl.

What is the catalyst for all of this, you might be asking? One friend of hers. One single, stinkin’, so-called-friend of hers that she has known for 11 years.

Friend has most definitely gone down the wrong path. Made bad choices. Doing very bad things. My Girl wants to help her. Save her. Influence her. Bring her back from the dark side. She’s always been the champion of the underdog and it is one of the things I absolutely adore about her. But not this time. Friend is in some serious, dark stuff and it is time to let that relationship go. And My Girl actually had. But now Friend has become obsessed with calling My Girl. Texting her. Showing up at her games.

So, after yet another blow up about all of this, we both apologized to each other and were back to cheery and chatty the rest of the day. And, I haven’t forgotten Who is really in charge. I have laid all of this out before Him, repeatedly yesterday and last night, and I know that He has a handle on it and that He is already working on My Girl. And I pray that He is also working on Friend.

One thought on “Ups and Downs

  1. I feel for you – I remember those kinds of shopping trips with my mom when I was a teen and don’t look forward to that part of motherhood ahead of me. It’s so hard! -Anna


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