Part 2…2014

Today was a really. long. day. After a really. long. night. Very little sleep until about 5:00 am, which coincidentally happened to be when my *could-very-soon-be-ex* husband finally left for work. I feel bad for him...he has a cold and he coughed and snored all night long. He also kept his wife awake. All. Night. [...]

Part 1…2014.

I wrote a post this morning. I hated it. It was my typical yakkity-yak, blippity blah, frou-frou crap. *Sorry for using "Crap" know I like to use it now and then. A lot. Today is that day.* So anyway. I scrapped the crap post this morning and went on my merry way taking down the [...]

THE Best *insert anything here* EVER!

Just scrolling through my yahoo emails and noticed a trend. Several subject lines began with..."The BEST (salad, sock people, workouts, weight loss pill, pie recipe, organization tools) EVER!" Several more assured me "The ONLY (recipe, workout, personal plan, husband) you will EVER need! *I made up "husband" but you get the idea*The funny thing is, [...]

It’s all about the gifts, baby. Santa, Baby, that is.

I texted The Children this morning and asked them to text me some ideas for Christmas presents for them.So far, I have this response from The Big Boy, "idk. i haven't even looked yet."This response from My Girl, "Don't care. lol. Let you know if I think of something."And, typically, from The Wild Boy, he [...]