THE Best *insert anything here* EVER!

Just scrolling through my yahoo emails and noticed a trend. Several subject lines began with…”The BEST (salad, sock people, workouts, weight loss pill, pie recipe, organization tools) EVER!” Several more assured me “The ONLY (recipe, workout, personal plan, husband) you will EVER need!

*I made up “husband” but you get the idea*

The funny thing is, lately I’ve been focusing on just that. The Best. The Only. The One. I think I’ve been pretty up front about my desire to streamline stuff in my house in 2014. To spend the year focusing on getting rid of; organizing; paring down. So I have been thinking a lot about how I am going to do that. How am I going to determine which is The Best. The Only. And getting rid of that which would be considered The Lesser. I am totally not looking forward to it. Stuff is my idol. My Baal, as Ann Voskamp so convincingly convicted me of the last couple days. To further drive that home, I am now going to confess a huge, huge thing:

I cannot find our Christmas Stockings.

There, I said it. It’s out there now. I had a few moments of panic the other day about it. After all of us have searched the entire house; the attic and even the storage bin. I am certain (fairly certain) that they did not accidentally get tossed out. They are always the last things I take down. I am positive I tucked them away somewhere. Somewhere that I thought at the time, “I will remember.” And, clearly, haven’t.

As we were talking about the Great Christmas Stocking Hunt yesterday, I realized that My People were more upset about this than I suspected. I jokingly said, “well, I guess we can’t have Christmas now.” And they nodded in agreement. I had to remind them, “okay, people, we are talking Christmas Stockings here…it’s okay…I will just use Christmas-y bags.” There were a couple horrified gasps at this, but Get. Over. It.

My point would be this: 1) we have so much crap in our house right now that I can’t even find the stinkin’ Christmas Stockings; 2) Christmas Stockings are, obviously, going to fall into The Best; The One; The Only category; and 3) I have passed my Baal of loving stuff onto my children; 4) or at least, my love of Christmas and what is important…stockings.

Yeah. That last one. I’m going with that.

Love you guys. Send me pics of your stockings when you put them up. It will make me My People feel better.

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