Today is my baby’s birthday

Sweet 16. Although I suppose that description is reserved for girls turning 16.Sixteen. I remember telling My Man we were expecting #3, 5 years after #2. I headed out the door to get into the car. I was running over to have a pregnancy test since my home test was negative in the morning but [...]

What day is it, anyway?

Seriously, it is hard to remember when all the days seem to run into each other as one big NCIS-watching-box-unpacking-marathon.So here's the deal. The last couple of days have been really hard. I vacillate between silence, rage, sobs, and need-to-kill. My poor husband has certainly been the recipient of all these emotions this week. He [...]

What About Me?

***Update...had a great day. Spent some time listening to Travis sing some of my all-time favorite worship songs...Be Unto Your Name; Mercy Seat; Praise to the Lord, the Almighty; Jesus Saves; In Christ Alone. Music speaks to me. He speaks to me through music. I did a bunch of laundry. I emptied three boxes and [...]

Retreat Post #1.

Keep forgetting to mention that my 2012 word is Focus. Oh how this made me LOL and say to God, "really? Are You sure?" Cuz seriously. Although one year, let me think when...oh yes, it was during a marriage seminar thingy and we each had to go around and say one word to describe our [...]

My Choice.

As our world continues to spin out of control, we have two choices...give in and crash and burn, or pick ourselves back up and keep going.There was a time, during the life of That Girl, where the choice was always the former. But now, now I find, after the initial shock, anger, sadness, whatever...I pick [...]