She’s Just Jill EL len.

So…we were out to dinner at my fave restaurant last week. It was the beginning of my week of birthday celebrations. And really…why DON’T we celebrate our birthday for a week? I mean…at least the gift-giving part? As Adam Sandler says, “we have 8 CRAAAAAZEE nights” (The Hanukkah Song)…

Lori, Me, Jillellen
Anyway, somehow the discussion of naming our children came up. And lots of talk about labor and delivery followed. And then we were back on names again. Our names. Middle names. And bff, Jill made the mistake of telling us her middle name was Ellen. Jill Ellen. Y’all…we took it and RAN WITH IT. By the end of the evening Jill Ellen became JillELlen as in…

where’s Jill?

She’s at home…Jill EL len.

Like the shoe insert commercial…are you gellin? I’m gellin’.

Jill has so regretted giving us this ammo. She tried to take it back and tell us her middle name was Harris. We didn’t fall for it.

So now…she’s JillELlen. And we are oh, so thankful for this blessed gift she has given us (and sorry that she didn’t share this with us years ago!).

P.S. I finally guilted her into joining the bloggy world. Here she is…