Set backs are just a small step back.

Woke up early to get in an early walk. It cracks me up, still, after all of these years, to read something like that about me. I was always a night owl. Unless you count staying up til the wee morning hours reading as a morning person. Sleeping in was just something I always loved to do. Until the others were born. Sleeping in isn’t really an option when you have babies, especially back-to-back babies born 11 months (and a day) apart.

So I woke up early to walk, because morning quickly evolved into my most loved time of the day and I’ve never looked back, and hello…stuffy head, runny nose and wheezing that could be heard down the block. Tis the season for sinus infections for me. A tad early in the season, September is usually my go-to month for sinus issues, but it is what it is.

So this…Day 2 of getting my shit together… and I’m a tad irritated (when was the last time you read a cuss word on This Girl?) but I am not defeated. Normally, as in three days ago, I would have tossed in the towel and headed for the Dunkin Donuts with this set back. Woe is me and pass the Boston cream filled. Not. This. Time. I  knew I needed to add some stretching into my weekly routine so today is that day. Also tossed in some body weight moves My Girl suggested I try. Boom. Done. On to my Quiet Time and living.

Changing my attitude, mind-set, focus..all the things…is also part of pulling all of ME together. Letting a small set back like a cold is just an opportunity to do something else; focus on something different; a wee step back to gather extra momentum to push forward.

Off to finish up my Quiet Time, listen to some worship music (this song and this song are my two current faves that I listen to over and over these days) and cover y’all in some hefty prayer because seriously…we all need some prayer spoken over us these days.

Wednesday’s Wist

Okay, I couldn’t come up with anything better to title my list. And it’s Wednesday so I tried to pull the two together…unsuccessfully, apparently.

Here’s the list:

1. Day 2 of the May Day Weight Loss Challenge! Woo-hoo. I had thought I’d pop onto the blogs of each of the ladies participating and quickly got overwhelmed by it all and this morning…there are 181 ladies, y’all! We so rock with accountability and encouragement. It’s also a testament to how many of us want to become more healthy. Love that. I however, totally blew yesterday by eating leftover birthday ice cream cake. Tummy is still complaining about it. But I did eat healthy the rest of the day. Grilled chicken, a quarter of a baked tater with a tiny smudge of butter and salt & pepper (no sour creme…which is HUGE…I smother my taters in SC) and a chunk of french bread dipped in olive oil with garlic.

2. As we speak, I’m coloring my hair. edited to say: this hair color is banging (as My Girl would say). One of my BFF, told me only I would color my hair in a color that could be a Starbucks drink…MOCHACCINO. And now that I’ve found it, I’ve discovered it is a discontinued color. (OF COURSE)

3. I’ve determined the camera really does add 50 10 pounds. I didn’t look as fat this morning as in my BEFORE picture. (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

4. On a very serious note, have you noticed all of the MIRACLES God is providing? If not…check this out. And this. My God is an Awesome God.

5. For your listening pleasure, y’all need to check out Travis Cottrell, if you haven’t already. I first heard of him at the Beth Moore – Get Out of That Pit simulcast. He blew me away. I loaded all of his music onto my iPod and then created another playlist entitled: Fave Travis. Pretty much all of his music is now also on the Fave Travis playlist…he is just amazing and God is really using him to speak to my heart.

6. I had a bunch more things to list but the hair color fumes are fogging my brain!