It’s Random Wednesday!

Sue does Friday Fluff (a bunch of randomness), and I liked the idea. I just haven't thought of anything really cutsie yet for the title of my weekly (sometimes daily) randomness.But I am in a wicked place, y'all.WIC-KED. (Maybe Wicked Wednesday's? I'll chew on it.)Remember when I gave up Starbucks for Lent? Yeah. That's out [...]

No Pain, No Gain.

Just a quick post this morning.Have you ever gone through a situation that was painful, shameful, horror-filled even? And were later able to Thank God for it? Even if it was years later?God reminded me this morning that things I experienced, lived through, survived were allowed by Him. Not because He wanted me to be [...]

It was All Volleyball…All Weekend around here, folks.

We camped out at the DC Convention Center for a huge tournament over the weekend. Lucy's team went 50%. Placed third in their bracket overall. They learned a difficult life lesson over the weekend. Lucy is #23.Their coach, Jason, plays all the girls equally. And can because they are all very good players. We basically [...]

Thank You.

Thank You, Father, for using this season of Lent to keep me focused on Your Son, Jesus. To remind me that durng this time, 2000 years ago, He was spending His last days on Earth as a man. Preparing for what He knew was coming. Preparing His Disciples for what He knew, but that none [...]