Feelin’ the Strain.

Big happenings at church today. My preggo bff, Jen, had a little episode during Sunday school. Just got the word that she is fine and at home. Also just got some commentary on the event from eye witnesses. When she and her hubby scooted out of class, I caught them out of the corner of my eye heading for the door. A minute later, I turned around to look…just in time to see her start to go down and her hubby catch her. Apparently, bff Jill and bff Lori saw the same thing because, word has it, in an orchestrated move, the three of us jumped up and high tailed it…perfectly in step…to the door. While the two of them got Jen settled and comfy, I ran into my office, which during Sunday school hosts the er, eldest class of Sunday school students. Pushed my way through them reaching for the only cordless phone in the building (cell phones work intermittently at our locale). While folks tried to get Jen cooled off (dizzy, sweaty, clammy, trying to catch her breath) I was dialing my good buddies at 911. When I finally hung up with them…paramedics were on the way…I turned around and a long time friend was standing there. She touched my arm and said, “you were remarkably calm and did very well with that” I told her that 1) it wasn’t my husband, 2) it wasn’t a child of mine, and 3) because it IS someone I love…I should be breaking down any moment. I waited until they hauled sweet Jen off in the rig. By that time, worship had begun. I was seated next to bff and birthday girl, Beth, and just felt it coming…I had to get out of there and have my mini-breakdown-moment. So I did what I always do…called The Man who was somewhere near Annapolis heading to the girl’s volleyball tournament. He has seen me in this condition a lot lately. I felt better after talking with him. I did come home and take a nap. A long one. Jen is home and apparently very, very hungry. Her bp had tanked and then over compensated in the opposite direction, according to her hubby. We’ll keep an eye on her a bit more closely for the rest of her pregnancy. I was so worried about her. One of the down-sides to loving those around you!
On a different note…I ripped this off from a blog I was visiting today…can’t even remember which one. I thought it looked fun and I tag YOU to copy and paste from me and put it on YOUR blog.
So here we go:
Current Book(s): He Speaks to Me by Priscilla Shirer. The book is awesome. I highly recommend it. I want to have it read before we begin the bible study on March 3.
Current Playlist: It’s been All-Travis-All-the-Time on my iPod.
Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: People.com. I thought I had broken that horrible addiction!
Current Color: Browns and raspberry together.
Current Fetish: Comfy sleep pants and my fuzzy slippers.
Current Drink: At this very moment…I have a yummy cup of tea going in my favorite tea cup and saucer…the only way I drink tea…although I drink my coffee in a big old fat mug. Go figure.
Current Food: Grits, grits and more grits. What’s up with that? Which reminds me…I’m outta grits at the office.
Current Wishlist: A new crock pot. My life just rocks…doesn’t it?
Current Needs: A menu makeover. We eat the same stuff all the time. And I need food in this house.
Current Triumph(s): Recognizing my need to immerse myself in God’s Word. Every. Single. Morning. Without. Fail. And I’ve been doing it.
Current Bane(s) of my Existence: My husband coughing at night. And when he’s not coughing, it is because of the cough syrup with codeine which makes him fight in his dreams all night long. Last night, and you can ask him, I hauled off and whacked him. It was a reflex reaction. That’s my story…
Current Indulgence: Girl Scout cookies. Until I am literally getting sick of them.
Current #1 Blessing: My oldest child. I’m so going to miss him when he heads off to still-to-be-determined-college in the fall…I just can’t get enough of him. I find myself just staring at him. Hanging on his every word. (Tearing up as I type that.)
Current Slang or Saying: Oy.
Current Outfit: Cords, sweater set, fuzzy slippers.
Current Excitement: Dinner out with the girls tomorrow night at my new fave Italian place. Can’t wait!
Current Mood: Reflective.
Current Pictures:

Where did the time go from my little linebacker on the left to this big amazing young man on the right? I know that God has a huge plan for him. He loves God mightily. We had an awesome conversation in the car on the way to church this morning about college, how liberal the environment is, and even being involved in a Christian religious organization on campus…will probably still be more liberal than he’s used to. God, knowing what He is doing, placed this child in a government class where the teacher has just come out of retirement. He did so, because he felt called…felt CALLED people…to come back to this particular high school…not the high school he taught in for 20 years prior to retirement…to teach THIS particular government class…THIS particular year. And my son is in it. And the teacher’s reason for coming out of retirement? He felt that the high school seniors heading to college over the next few years (which includes my oldest this Fall and our middle child Fall 2009) will be blind-sided by the ultra-liberal, anti-Christian, atmosphere they will find themselves in on most campuses. He, Mr. K., wanted to make sure they got both sides of it, and were prepared and able to make their own decision. After the first day of class, my kid came home complaining about the ultra-liberal political agenda of his government teacher. The same Mr. K. who is actually ultra conservative, come to find out. I am loving my child being in this class. It is a lot like a college class. They talk of current events every day. There is no right or wrong side. They are encouraged to speak their minds, respectively of course. It is usually my child and a small handful of students against the rest of the class and my kid is thriving. On the first day, Mr. K. grabbed the flag off the wall and said he was tired of the Bush administration and he was going to go out in the parking lot and burn the flag. He turned and headed to the door, encouraging the class to come with him to exercise their constitutional rights. A bunch of them jumped up shouting with glee. My child jumped up to tackle the teacher and wrestle the flag out of his hands. Now THAT’s what I call a high school government class.
I think my kid is going to be all right.

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  1. What a praise that Jen is okay and hungry of all things. :0)After a rocky start this morning, I must say worship was fabulous, at least for me. God IS Good.Love you

  2. These words are so precious. Your heart for people is amazing. Your heart for your children is so incredibly sweet. I admire you so and hope I can parent teens as well as you do!You rock Sooz!T

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