Right Now.

It's funny; I've savored the last few days, since Brett's surgery. It's not that he has totally depended upon me. He hasn't. We are still in that I'm not a momma's boy anymore and you can't make me be one and I'll prove it by being a snarly and grumpy 17 year old boy to [...]

The Fine Line.

It's early morning. I'm watching my baby, now a seventeen year old young man, sleep. He is in the recliner in our living room. His Lion King covered pillow on his chest. His Spongebob pillow on the floor. Comforter wrapped all around him. Similar to how he sleeps in his bed. I know because, like [...]


I am a huge Downton Abbey fan. I have watched each season, including Season 3, which just ended last night, multiple times. And yes, Lori, it was legal for me to do so.Let's face it, we like to be entertained; we like to escape into another life, another time. Turn off the real-life/our-life switch for [...]


I sit on the Blue Beauty. Far end, closest to the sliding glass doors and the sun. Always drawn to the sun...the warmth; the light. The house is quiet. Except for the critters I love and without whom, our home would be too quiet; and clean. Evidence of golden retriever hair and dirt-outline paw prints [...]

There’s a bunch of stuff to blog about.

But I'll keep it brief today.I'm getting back into the regular groove of hitting the gym. I wouldn't exactly call myself a gym rat *A person who spends an unusually large amount of time at a gym* (Wiktionary...http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gym_rat), but I think I could get pretty hooked on working out. Again. In fact, I'm finally beginning [...]

A List…

...that my peeps write.That's right...you write the list.Comment on this blog post...if you don't know how by now, I'll send you directions or HECK, I'll even comment FOR YOU if you email me your list...but tell me what YOU would like me to write/blog about over the next few weeks.(this may or may not be [...]