A List…

…that my peeps write.

That’s right…you write the list.

Comment on this blog post…if you don’t know how by now, I’ll send you directions or HECK, I’ll even comment FOR YOU if you email me your list…but tell me what YOU would like me to write/blog about over the next few weeks.

(this may or may not be a brilliant idea I came up with because I am too lazy to come up with my own blogging ideas)

I will take only the ideas I like ALL of your suggestions and put them in list format (you’re welcome!) and said list will be my next blog post.

By the way, I’ve been doing some reading on blogging and the first DO NOT DO is do not use a lot of ALL CAPS cuz people take it as you are yelling not that you are emphasizing stuff. The second no-no is to use crap words and phrases like, well, like, crap, no-no, cuz and stuff. For the record, I’m not looking to win any literary awards and crap like that stuff.

So, back to YOUR assignment…(do you over-emphasize in your brain the words I put in ALL CAPS like your to-your-self-voice is shouting? Oh, you don’t? Well, ME NEITHER.)

Comment me (or send me, if you don’t know how to comment here) your lists. Read. Set.


Love you guys.

3 thoughts on “A List…

  1. A detailed exposition of the numerical & symbolical parallels between the books of Leviticus and Revelation.

    Or, if that is too easy, how about your favorite verse(s) and why/what they say to you?



  2. I went to a memorial service on Saturday that was wonderful and it started me thinking about my own service and what verses I would pick and what music. What about you? Would people nod their heads and say “yeah, that's Susan, alright” when they read/heard/sang your picks?


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