Memory Monday and some Randomness I’m sure.

I took a breather from the pressure of doing Memory Monday over the Christmas Season (I refuse to use the H word). And...I'm back. I'm also going to count this toward the Siestas' two-verses-a month memorization.So, the other day...maybe yesterday, I am SO very scatter brained today and I mean VERY...I was talking to God [...]

Tag, I’m It.

T tagged me days ago and I just haven't gotten around to it until this morning. My bad.8 TV Shows I Watch:1) The Office2) House3) NCIS4) Animal Planet (you name it...I watch it)5) Lost (I'm forced to...if I don't...I can't join in any conversations with my family because of my Lost Ignorance)6) Americas Funniest Home [...]

Christmas is in the Air

Brought to you by this guy, Tuxedo. Also hereinafter referred to by any/all of the following: Tux, Puss, Puss-Kitty, Puss-n-boots, Kitty-Kitty, Bootsy, Puss-Puss, Tuxarama, Stupid Cat, Alpha Animal. No, really, he LOVES having his kitty antlers with bells on his head. NOT. Which explains why this is the most in-focus pic I could get.If you've [...]

The snowball effect your women’s ministry leader slash friend can have on you.

I saw her looking at me from across the Sanctuary. Then she pointed her finger. I looked left. I looked right. And realized she was pointing at me.What did I do now?She waited (not so patiently, I might add) for the person I was speaking with to stop speaking and then she shouldered her way [...]