Memory Monday and some Randomness I’m sure.

I took a breather from the pressure of doing Memory Monday over the Christmas Season (I refuse to use the H word). And…I’m back. I’m also going to count this toward the Siestas’ two-verses-a month memorization.

So, the other day…maybe yesterday, I am SO very scatter brained today and I mean VERY…I was talking to God about some stuff going on and He pointed out that my real problem was trusting Him. (When ISN’T that the root of my problem?) I asked Him to talk to me with His word and He led me straight to Psalm 56:3-4. Sometimes I feel kinda smug and rebellious with God…do you ever? So I read these two verses and nodded my head…”yep, I get it…I need to trust You.”

Moving along.

And here is where I really love my God…He is so patient and loving with me…He jerked me right back to this scripture and I knew I was to read it over and over and then to MEMORIZE it and store it in my heart.

Here comes some of the randomness I was thinking about when I started thinking about writing this post…

When I think about what I have read in the Bible about folks following other gods…I really have to laugh…their gods had nothing on my God. Not only does He speak to me through His Word and through others and directly into my very heart when He knows I need to learn something, He pounds it into me. Sometimes…it is through suffering. Often times it is (thankfully) not.

He has really had me thinking about The Girls lately…My Girls…Jill, Velora, Jen and Lori. Lori doesn’t have a blog or a facebook page.


For the span of a few years, He brought the five of us together. We all thought it was pretty random at the time. We were so wrong. He so knew what He was doing.

When I think back to the period of time when we were meeting every Tuesday and often more than that, we all needed Him and He gave us each other. It really was the most incredible experience. Jill has since moved to Montana. We don’t know why. But we do know that God has a plan for it. The remaining four or us do not meet regularly anymore but…and this I know…we (the five of us) can call on one another and instantly be covered in prayer. Or food. Or help. Or whatever it is we need. (Don’t laugh…food was a big part of our time together…we’re Baptist, after all). We each had/have a role in our Fivedom. Can I just say again that it was one of the coolest things God has ever done in my life? For the longest time, I fought against us “breaking up”. It took Him pounding into me For.Ev.Er. that we weren’t “broken up”. We’re just different know. I was so sad. And angry. And bitter. For a long time. And now…and now the sadness creeps in now and then, but oh…the memories. How they make me smile and laugh and cry and laugh. Especially the laughing. So…it is different now. We are different now. But I trust Him. This was and is all part of His plan.

And I am thankful.

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  1. I totally get this Susan. And, it just floors me with all the patience that God has. And, His timing and the beauty of it. Blows my mind.Change is just change. It’s hard. But, God sees us through doesn’t He?? Love ya,Fran

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