I should be painting. But I’m not.

My husband has decreed the next four days…painting the kitchen days. And also touching up what needs to be touched up since we last painted (you know…two years ago) and painting things that never got painted when last we painted like the trim and all the doors in the hallway upstairs.

I’m not complaining…oh, Lory Be, no. If it were up to me we would be giving the entire main level and upstairs another coat of paint. But my husband Hates To Paint. Painting to him (and apparently in his household growing up) was a Do-only-when-you’ve-washed-the-walls-so-many-times-there-is-no-more-paint-left-on-them kind of job. In MY house growing up, Number 1: we weren’t allowed to touch the walls (or anything else for that matter) so the walls never needed washing but that didn’t stop my mom from making my father paint the house Every Single Year. It’s funny how two children growing up in a home like that turn out so differently…I turned out to resent cleaning and all it stands for (authority, apparently) and my little sister turned out to be just like the authority I apparently resented: our mother.

But I’m getting the painting bug and I think once Mr. Smith pulls out all of the painting stuff I’m going to continue to push the envelope and paint a few other rooms. It may take me all Winter but I’m itching to get this stuff done. It’s not so much me (I keep telling my beloved spousal unit) it’s The Lord. He has really been speaking to me about getting our home in order and for it to be a lovely, comfy place free of clutter, stuff we don’t love and hand prints and dog slurps on the wall. Invoking the power and name of Jesus in order to get my house painted…I just never really thought it would come to this but apparently it has. In all seriousness…God really HAS been talking to me about the clutter in my life. The physical as well as emotional and spiritual. I am on it! I am determined to obey even if it means making The Husband Who Hates to Paint paint!

(To give you an idea of how much he dislikes to paint when I told him six months ago that really, I couldn’t stand it any longer and the kitchen has to be painted, he replied, “What? We just painted the kitchen!” We DID paint the kitchen. Once since we moved into this house 15 years ago. We painted it 14 years ago. See what I’m dealing with?)

I hear him, as I’m typing this upstairs in the office (another room that I am going to tackle soon) in the kitchen rustling around. He seems to forget that the stove is on; the cinnamon buns need to be cooked and we’re having a huge dinner tonight. And yet he thinks he’s going to paint. This will be one interesting day. I need to dash down and take BEFORE pics…hold on!

I was going to continue this posting with some things I want to do/plan to do in 2009. I think I’ll hold off on that, though. I just heard the manly yawn, sigh, stretch and now footsteps heading to the kitchen. Gotta go!

Happy New Year! Love you guys!

2 thoughts on “I should be painting. But I’m not.

  1. My hubs is the same way about painting. He’ll do it and then he’ll whine and complain the entire time. It takes me forever to pick a color because I know once it’s on the wall, it’ll be there for eternity because, well, we painted it. Painted being a one time thing that is done once you’ve done it once.Somehow, I made this all about me.Post pics,please!

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