Love these!'re it. And, you DO know you YOU are!1. Where is your cell phone? purse2. Your significant other? Hawt3. Your hair? colored4. Your mother? dunno5. Your father? sarcastic6. Your favorite thing? love7. Your dream last night? blank8. Your favorite drink? Coffee9. Your dream/goal? grandchildren10. The room you’re in? office11. Your church? WILD (VBS week)12. Your [...]

One Word Meme.

Twenty-two questions, one word answers It’s harder than you think to keep it to only one word. I really had to think. I tagged one person at the end...but I'm tagging YOU. And you know who YOU are! Let me know when you do it!1. Where is your cell phone?desk2. Your significant other?basketball3. Your hair?awesome4. [...]