Volleyball vs. Football

There are many reasons I prefer volleyball over football as a spectator sport. Volleyball is inside...Football is not...Volleyball players are sweet and happy and giggly.Football players just want to hurt someone (direct quote from my football player).Volleyball players like to chat and compare hair styles.Football players just want to hurt someone.Volleyball is clean...Football...not so much.You [...]


That is my favorite word.I'll eat better tomorrow.I'll walk for sure tomorrow.I'll apologize to him tomorrow.I'll write that note to her tomorrow.I'll get the office organized tomorrow.Recently, God has been impressing on me to do things today.So today I took the day off from work. My house was a pit, so I gave it a [...]


I have been married for 25 years today. A quarter of a century. The big 2-5. Three years longer than I lived unmarried.I wish I could say that we were one of those couples that always did it right... communicated... never fought...sailed through life. How boring would that be? And so not true.We have definitely [...]


It is the most incredibly beautiful day here in Northern Virginia. The air has that Fall coolness that makes life worth living. Well, at least for me. I LOVE Fall and it will soon be here.My heart and prayers, however, are focused well South on the Gulf Coast. I was horrified to see that people [...]