Back to school and loving it.

Let me clarify: the darlings are back to school and I’m the one loving it. Them…not so much. Here they are at 6:30 the first morning of school (which was Tuesday for us):

They both had homework on their first day. They both had good and not so good things to say about their classes. I had good things to say about my day. They didn’t care so much. What’s up with that?

I hope that we will soon settle into a routine here. I got out and walked this morning for the first time this week. Okay, for the first time in weeks. I got started later than I had wanted to and it is definitely humid out there. I did a short route and then came home and did a couple bicep exercises with the weights. I need to, must, have to, got to, gonna get back into the working out. Daily.I know that I need to ease into it a bit slowly at the beginning, which is SO frustrating for me. Three years of not working out regularly and my entire body has gone to heck in a hand basket. (Just doesn’t have as much umpf without the double el’s, does it?)

So, not much to report here.

Oh, I flipped back through my journal today and while I won’t bore you with excerpts, I will say this: I need to stop whining about it, planning it, going on and on about it, and “just do the thing” as my bff, Beth Moore says.

Today, I am doing it.

Love you guys.


6 thoughts on “Back to school and loving it.

  1. Your boy is so tall!You hit the nail on the head, again. Nobody cares about mama’s day as long as she’s around when they want to talk about theirs.I am trying to get back to excercise, too. Every time I see a doctor (which has been quite a bit lately. must be the 49 thing)they tell me to excercise!! Maybe they tell me that to let themselves off the hook knowing full well the odds are I won’t do it, thinking “if she drops dead, we TOLD her to EXCERCISE.”Okay, so enjoy your walk today. I’ll be walking, too.

  2. Hey Susan,I needed to hear “do the thing” today. Thanks.Oh, and by the way, you’ll get back into the routine of school soon enough. We’ve already settled back into the school thing–homework, activities, work, etc. Now, I’m just hanging on to Christmas break (tee hee).Much love,~Cheryl

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