Finally getting this shoulder thing checked out tomorrow.

I think it totally has to do with anxiety. And worry. And stress. Definitely the stress.It all started cropping up shortly after I weaned myself (read without doctor supervision) my anti-anxiety drug. Okay, granted...I was only taking half of the normal dose, but still. I don't believe in coincidence. But I'm not a doctor (I [...]

It’s been five years since we’ve been to middle school but

The surliness of the front office and guidance office people haven't changed a bit.What is it about middle school? It really seems to bring out the worst in people. Including me.Brett and I arrived about 15 minutes before the scheduled opening of Open House. We wandered around a bit, not going into the area where [...]

This really IS turning out to be a season of change…

Oldest child is off to college. My exact sobswords to My Man yesterday morning were, "I can't believe he's really gone!" Thankfully, he was patient and understanding and didn't mind the tears and snot that wound up on the shoulder of his shirt as he headed off to Worship. Or at least he wouldn't have [...]

Now that I’m officially on Blogcation, I’m posting more than ever.

Why is that? Maybe the "pressure" is off? Bwahhahaha. Pressure. I crack myself up.I've been watching a lot of Olympics these days. Specially beach volleyball and swimming. I have some questions regarding beach volleyball.How do they get their suits to 1) not ride up and 2) hold everything in?Oh yeah, I'm talking the girls here. [...]