Now that I’m officially on Blogcation, I’m posting more than ever.

Why is that? Maybe the "pressure" is off? Bwahhahaha. Pressure. I crack myself up.I've been watching a lot of Olympics these days. Specially beach volleyball and swimming. I have some questions regarding beach volleyball.How do they get their suits to 1) not ride up and 2) hold everything in?Oh yeah, I'm talking the girls here. [...]

The Lazy Days of Summer are quickly coming to an end…

"Lazy Days of Summer"... I crack myself up!Psst...come closer. I want to let y'all in on a little secret...I hate summer. There. I said it out loud.Next week brings two-a-day practices for The Beast (assuming she gets her mental game on and actually makes the team...yes, the team's strongest outside hitter is in jeopardy of [...]


UPDATED** I am fine. Really, I am! I promise I am. Nothing is wrong. God and I chatted this morning (you know what I mean...nothing verbal from Him) and I know that I need to set some things aside for a time. My blog was #1 on the hit list, apparently. Or at least I [...]