The Lazy Days of Summer are quickly coming to an end…

"Lazy Days of Summer"... I crack myself up!Psst...come closer. I want to let y'all in on a little secret...I hate summer. There. I said it out loud.Next week brings two-a-day practices for The Beast (assuming she gets her mental game on and actually makes the team...yes, the team's strongest outside hitter is in jeopardy of [...]


UPDATED** I am fine. Really, I am! I promise I am. Nothing is wrong. God and I chatted this morning (you know what I mean...nothing verbal from Him) and I know that I need to set some things aside for a time. My blog was #1 on the hit list, apparently. Or at least I [...]

Simulcast Story #2

We should have turned tail when we saw “Welcome Swingers!” and stacks of dancing shoes.Sadly, we did not. I think we were so psyched about the Simulcast and spending some quality girl time together that the warning bells were drowned out by our excitement.A couple of clues, in hindsight, that we should have changed rooms [...]