Simulcast Story #2

We should have turned tail when we saw “Welcome Swingers!” and stacks of dancing shoes.

Sadly, we did not. I think we were so psyched about the Simulcast and spending some quality girl time together that the warning bells were drowned out by our excitement.

A couple of clues, in hindsight, that we should have changed rooms from the very beginning:

1) We were three doors from the side entrance.

2) The same side entrance that was located directly across from the “Welcome Swingers!” sign.

3) Walking down the hall to get ice, there was a whole lotta noise in our hallway.

4) At least 500 50 people were In and out that side door the 15 minutes we were in our hotel before heading to see Beth and Travis.

5) While getting ready for bed we sat around chatting, munching on the goodies and ew-ing and ah-ing over the incredible purple girly overnight goodie bags our event hostess and Women’s Ministry Leader, Joanne, had brought for the three of us. We kept commenting on how noisy it was out in the hallway…doors slamming non-stop; side entrance door slamming continuously, people running up and down the hallway; shouting and yelling and lots of cell phone usage (one sided yelling and laughing).

6) We heard a dog barking. It was in our hallway. It’s master chose this opportune time to give the dog obedience lessons. It was 1:29 am.

7) At 1:30 am I called the front desk. Since it was 1:30, his name didn’t register, but his tone and attitude did. He finally said he would “send security to check it out”. There was quiet for exactly 15 minutes.

8) At 3:15 am, Joanne called the front desk. It was 3:15, his name didn’t register, but his tone and attitude did. He finally offered to change our rooms. Since it was 3:20 am in the morning. Joanne declined that offer. He said he would “send security to check it out”. There was quiet for exactly 10 minutes.

9) At 7:00 am, when the alarm went off, I had just gone to sleep, because the noise had finally stopped at 6:10 am. Apparently, that was when the swinger s had finally stopped swinging. When I called the front desk to ask inquire about our receipt (wasn’t slipped under the door) I was told me were all paid up, no extra charges. I explained about the entire night of no sleep and that I was not going to pay for our room and why.

10) It was 8:00 am after a night of getting exactly 50 minutes of sleep. I did not get her name, but I sure did get her tone and attitude. Basically she said, and so did her manager, that since we had paid thru Orbitz, we should try taking it up with them, and she said it with a “yeah…good luck with that” snort. Basically, from her questioning, she did not believe anything I said and said that if we had really phoned the front desk at all during the night, security would have been called and taken care of it. In mid sentence of her basically calling us a liar, I hung up. I was absolutely stunned. This was the Hilton…for crying out loud. In thinking it over though, why wouldn’t I expect it from the Hilton?

Needless to say, we’re writing letters and I don’t really care about the money at this point. I’m just really saddened and disappointed. And tired. Really tired.

UPDATED**Now that I’ve had a nap, the entire thing really is funny. We knew that the enemy was trying to distract us. We were having None Of It. And didn’t that sweet thing Beth Moore talk about just that…the enemy is all about, “you may NOT” and our One True God is all about, “so you may”.

Still writing the letters, though!

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  1. Oh I read this last night and meant to comment. . . you had me cracking up. . because I’ve been in the same place (different hotel/different town/different event). I actually called the overall hotel manager the day after and talked to him about the service (how poor it was). I got a comped room with VIP treatment the next time I was there. The same thing happened a couple of years ago–with the same result. My dad started to call it the “Cheryl syndrome.” (believe me there are better things to have your name attached to). Anyway, just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your story–even through your sleepless pain!Much love,~Cheryl

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