Reflections from a Smith Mountain Lake Porch – Part 2 – Things I have never told my husband.

Today, I asked my husband what he thought my favorite ice cream flavor is. He, of course, was stumped. Give it a go, I said. With a shrug, he threw out chocolate. Now, I love a good chocolate ice cream, I mean who doesn't? But I would definitely choose butter brickle or butter pecan over [...]

Reflections from a Smith Mountain Lake Porch – Part 1 – An Introduction.

I thought it would be fun to carve out a spot here to capture my thoughts, musings, reflections, etc., which are for the most part going to be snippets of life here at the lake. Or maybe thoughts that I just tossed out. Possibly photos from the porch and from around the lake. Probably shorter [...]

Porch Sitting.

Sitting on our porch, overlooking the lake. Ripples of water from boats passing through our cove, lap at the docks and shoreline. Birds. Birds singing and trilling. Gliding onto the (newly full) bird feeder. Perching precariously on the suet feeder that has been replaced. Again. Racoon or Opossum thieves manage to untwist the chain that [...]