Credit: My HusbandView: From our church, EastLake Community#unedited Often, we hear that “change is hard.” What about when change is good? Setting up a new space for myself downstairs has been good. Fun, even. Strolling through the house and pulling items I want to have in my new space…vintage jars to hold my pencils and [...]


I saw him the moment we entered the Market. Hard not to. He was tall and big of the former-offensive-line-sort. He reminded me of Paul Carter, the Pastor who saved my marriage, but with hair. That is not an exaggeration. The salvation of our marriage or the hair. (Marriage story for a later time. Probably.) [...]

Dear Me.

Dear Me. The house is not spotless. And that is okay. Wiping the surface dust, vacuuming up the dog hair is enough this season. There will be a time to get back to the deep clean schedule and organizing the coffee mugs soon. Lying in bed watching the woods lighten in the dawn makes you [...]

Dear Lord, please give me patience without putting me in situations that need me to develop my patience. Amen.

Have you ever been in a prayer meeting or bible study and someone praying says out loud, "Lord, please give me (or worse yet, us) patience?" If so then you have heard the collective gasp or groan. Especially if it is "give us...". Don't pray that on me! I'm joking. Sort of. The last couple [...]