Reflections from a Smith Mountain Lake Porch – Part 2 – Things I have never told my husband.

Today, I asked my husband what he thought my favorite ice cream flavor is. He, of course, was stumped. Give it a go, I said. With a shrug, he threw out chocolate. Now, I love a good chocolate ice cream, I mean who doesn’t? But I would definitely choose butter brickle or butter pecan over chocolate. Butter, apparently, being the key ingredient I love? But no. None of those are my one true ice cream love.

Strawberry. It’s strawberry. This brand if I am unable to get homemade strawberry ice cream. Which, come to think of it, I have never made. Will remedy that this summer for sure. He was floored that it was strawberry. After knowing each other for 48 years and being married 40 of those years, I still like to throw him a curve ball. Which reminded me to ask him for his favorite ice cream, because I had absolutely no clue, lol. But when he told me (it’s B&R’s Fudge Brownie, by the way), I nodded and said, “That’s what I thought.”

Comment with your stuck-on-a-desert-island ice cream flavor.

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