Reflections from a Smith Mountain Lake Porch – Part 1 – An Introduction.

I thought it would be fun to carve out a spot here to capture my thoughts, musings, reflections, etc., which are for the most part going to be snippets of life here at the lake. Or maybe thoughts that I just tossed out. Possibly photos from the porch and from around the lake. Probably shorter posts but maybe sometimes not. If those four sentences don’t describe my personality perfectly, nothing will.

I decided it was high time to get my writing organized as well. Maybe pull out, dust off, and spruce up some old posts. Much of my writing is missing categories and/or tags; if they have either or both, they may not be that accurate. Overall, it is time to be a tad more professional and serious about my writing. Or not. We will see how it goes.

For today though, let me introduce myself.

Susan Wheeler Smith. Beloved by Jesus. Wife to Russell for 40 years this September. We met in high school when I was a freshman, and he was a junior. Momma to Shawn, Sarah and her husband Travis, and Brett and his wife Rachel. Blessed beyond measure. Our dream was always to retire and move to the lake. Covid allowed us the opportunity to move before Russell retired. He was able to work from home for another 18 months before retiring right on schedule. To be honest, I am a beach girl. We might still end up with a condo at the beach. But when I return to the lake, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the woods surrounding our house, I know that I am, finally, home.

Here on my blog, you will be greeted as an old friend sitting together sipping a cup of something warm and delicious. As well as a warrior walking this life together because let’s be honest, we are constantly fighting for something. For our marriage; for our children; for our health; for our sanity in a gone-crazy world. I hope you will find encouragement, love, humor, sarcasm, and a few moments of, “What? You, too?!”


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