Holy Week.

Holy Week.

The sun is shining here, amidst gray, blue, and white clouds. After a tragic week of destructive storms across the country, the bright sun, reflecting off the tiny buds of new green tree growth is welcome. During rain and high winds, our neighborhood often loses power, and we have many downed trees. But this round we were spared. I spent my mid-sleep awake time praying for those across our country who have suffered loved one loss, who found themselves homeless in a matter of a few moments, and who must be shell-shocked in disbelief. Our family has experienced that shell-shocked disbelief that a few moments in time can bring.

This Holy Week I am determined to step back and put my focus on the recorded events of this week two thousand years ago. While I may be sharing thoughts here and there, I will be turning off my social media. It is such a distraction. And while we (I) embrace distraction now and then, social media has been way too entertaining for the last couple of years. A break is a good thing. Especially to focus on the coming of our Risen Lord.

To assist my Holy Week reflection, I pulled a few books off the shelf and downloaded free Lenten material offered by Every Moment Holy and Dallas Theological Seminary.

Free Downloads: Every Moment Holy 2023 Lenten Devotional and Journal; Dallas Theological Seminary 2023 Holy Week Devotional.

Books: Lent and Easter Wisdom from Thomas Merton; Lent and Easter Wisdom from Henri Nouwen; The Last Week by Borg & Crossan; 24 Hours that Changed the World by Hamilton.

I have been using the Every Moment Holy materials since Ash Wednesday, but it is still available for download if you would like to skip to Holy Week.

Our Senior Pastor has a daily devotional email that he began at the beginning of Covid and has continued. You can sign up for his daily devotional here. I read it every morning as my coffee is brewing.

I also have a few Holy Week/Easter Spotify saved playlists. I found them by searching “Holy Week and Easter Playlists”.

This week is the most important of the Christian faith. It doesn’t have the bling and parties of the Christmas season. Holy Week is sober, reflective, anticipatory. Culminating in the unspeakable Joy of the Risen Savior. This is my focus this week. I hope you will join me.

2 thoughts on “Holy Week.

  1. I love this so much. I’m carrying these words with me as I go thru this week. Reminding myself of the good and turning away from the negative. Reminding myself to not add to the negative. Thank you for the gift of your words. Love ya!


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