What Day is it?

After three straight days of volleyball and then three hours shopping for a prom dress (no luck) I don't even know the date this morning.I have a lot to say. And I will. Eventually. But first, I need to catch up here. Brett is home sick today. I haven't been in the office pretty much [...]

The Real Me.

1. Rarely says what she's thinking. It's just too scary for people to hear.2. Wonders what this entire "twitter" thing is about? What the??? As if we don't all spend enough time online, texting, blogging, and surfing????3. Loves Chick-fil-a and ain't afraid to make anyone stop at every single cfa we go by.4. Could (and [...]

Totally Cool Day.

This came in the mail this afternoon:I was so excited! I knew immediately that it had come from this bff. Thank you SO much! I'm in between bible studies and devotionals, although bff Jill and I have GOT to get back to work on 90 Days with David...this week!Thanks, T...you made my day!