Memory Monday

So last week my memory verse was John 11:35. I know you know it."Jesus wept."Yep...last week was a tad busy so I needed an easy one. Can't get much easier.But guess what...whenever I thought on this verse, it had a profound impact on me. Jesus wept. Reinforcing the fact that He walked on this earth. [...]

Sarah’s Senior Ad and a new resolve to simplify and organize.

Seriously...this has been painful. We have thousands of pictures totally not organized, tossed in bins, drawers, photo boxes and a stack of albums. Yes...I have a couple of boxes of Creative Memories stuff...who has time for that?I WANT time for that.My Winter project is going to be to start getting our photos in some sort [...]

I am so excited!

First. Look what I have....The Entire Leader's Kit. Woo-Hoo!I'm leading this study in January for our Bible Study Girls at church and I can not wait!Then, I had this brilliant idea...why not do this....Since I'm leading, I also did the leader guide...And then, because I am super-crafty, I whipped up this to go with...NOT.Okay, I [...]


:: A bit of rain this week. Always nice. Always needed around here.:: Volleyball is over. Never thought I'd be thankful for that. Enjoyed it; loved it; time to move on. It's all over but the parties.:: Freedom.:: Shawn. I've had to reassure him all week that even though he is a die-hard, ultra-conservative, Republican...he [...]