Top Ten Tunes on my iPod.

1. Jesus Saves, Travis Cottrell2. Now Behold the Lamb, Kirk Franklin3. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, Casting Crowns4. Glory (with Amy Perry), Selah5. Light of the Stable, Selah6. Were You There, Selah7. Only You, David Crowder Band8. Forevermore, Travis Cottrell9. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, Travis Cottrell10. The Hanukkah Song, Part 1 [...]

Memory Monday

So last week my memory verse was John 11:35. I know you know it."Jesus wept."Yep...last week was a tad busy so I needed an easy one. Can't get much easier.But guess what...whenever I thought on this verse, it had a profound impact on me. Jesus wept. Reinforcing the fact that He walked on this earth. [...]

Sarah’s Senior Ad and a new resolve to simplify and organize.

Seriously...this has been painful. We have thousands of pictures totally not organized, tossed in bins, drawers, photo boxes and a stack of albums. Yes...I have a couple of boxes of Creative Memories stuff...who has time for that?I WANT time for that.My Winter project is going to be to start getting our photos in some sort [...]

I am so excited!

First. Look what I have....The Entire Leader's Kit. Woo-Hoo!I'm leading this study in January for our Bible Study Girls at church and I can not wait!Then, I had this brilliant idea...why not do this....Since I'm leading, I also did the leader guide...And then, because I am super-crafty, I whipped up this to go with...NOT.Okay, I [...]


:: A bit of rain this week. Always nice. Always needed around here.:: Volleyball is over. Never thought I'd be thankful for that. Enjoyed it; loved it; time to move on. It's all over but the parties.:: Freedom.:: Shawn. I've had to reassure him all week that even though he is a die-hard, ultra-conservative, Republican...he [...]