Twenty Bits of Randomness.

1. I am panicking. I totally lied about needing a break from the sports. Volleyball is the only connection My Girl and I have. What will we do? How will we communicate? Will we ever see each other again? Be still, my anxious and pounding heart.

2. I just ate two ginormous cinnamon buns from Whole Foods trying to ease the ache in my heart and the panic in my brain.

3. I felt better after I popped the last little bite into my mouth and washed it down with the last swig of milk. I just might make it through the day now.

4. I got on the scale this morning. BIG MISTAKE.

5. Why is it than when we are shocked, nay…astounded…by the number of the scale we run right out and buy junk food to soothe the soul?

6. I’m playing hookie from church. And I do not feel the slightest bit guilty.

7. Number 6 really concerns me.

8. Tomorrow will be the last night I watch The Beast play competitive volleyball. (They are totally going to get crushed…I’m not being pessimistic, I’m being realistic. The only way they will win is if the other team doesn’t show up, literally.)

9. She did decide to toss me a little bone, however. She has picked soccer back up again. And (and this is the little bone she tossed out) she is considering going out for the high school team. She hasn’t played competitive soccer in oh, six years or so. Can she still make the team? Possibly. She is that good.

10. I’m her mother and I can say, “she is that good”. But also, she really is that good.

11. At all sports.

12. Like her mother used to be.

13. In the days long before she would gasp, moan, gnash her teeth and weep when she got on the scale.

14. I miss my oldest child. I really do. His messy room, with the junk thrown all over the place, unmade bed, two inch layer of dust building up everywhere, is really beginning to irk me. Like I’m going to have to just stop closing the door and ignoring it.

15. Thankfully, his room is in the basement and I CAN close the door and just ignore it.

16. My shoulders are getting better. And, in what is clearly TMI…I can actually shave my pits now. Without cutting myself. I know, I know…you have NO idea what I’ve been going through.

17. I am loving using Sarah’s hair straightener every day. My hair is longer right now than it’s been in years and years and I can actually get away with it because I can straighten it and it’s not one big cotton ball on top of my head.

18. My stomach is rebelling against the two ginormous cinnamon buns and large glass of milk.

19. I’m gong to need a nap.

20. After I make chili, apple crisp and brownies…

Happy First Day of Standard Time~

4 thoughts on “Twenty Bits of Randomness.

  1. I'm playing hooky from church today, too. I felt yucky yesterday, so I decided to stay home today. Makes sense right? Or not. I just didn't feel up to wrestling our super-busy 2 year old & running interference between my parents and my in-laws, all with a queasy, mornings-sick stomach.I'm glad your shoulders are getting better!!

  2. Okay, did you think those ginormous cinnamon buns were magic? Why did you get on the scale after?!I’m scared to try a straightner because, get ready, I color my hair and I’m afraid I’ll crisp it or something.

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