:: A bit of rain this week. Always nice. Always needed around here.

:: Volleyball is over. Never thought I’d be thankful for that. Enjoyed it; loved it; time to move on. It’s all over but the parties.

:: Freedom.

:: Shawn. I’ve had to reassure him all week that even though he is a die-hard, ultra-conservative, Republican…he is going to survive a Democratic Congress and President.

:: Shawn. I love, love, love how he is so strong in his beliefs and so convinced that he is right and “they” are wrong. He rises to the challenge to debate; keeping his cool; never ridiculing; always confident and firm in his stand.

:: Our home. Warm. Comfy.

:: Jesus.

One thought on “Thankfulness…

  1. I’m thankful that you are thankful.Hope you have a wonderful day! Have fun out there! 🙂My verification word was “quiti” so don’t be one of those.

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