I am so excited!

First. Look what I have….

The Entire Leader’s Kit. Woo-Hoo!

I’m leading this study in January for our Bible Study Girls at church and I can not wait!

Then, I had this brilliant idea…why not do this….

Since I’m leading, I also did the leader guide…

And then, because I am super-crafty, I whipped up this to go with…


Okay, I joke. My bff, Joanne gave me the awesome idea to take my member book to Staples and have it bound. And I knew she made these, so I e-mailed her and she sent me one.

The Bible Study Girls are going to be sooooo jealous! I mean seriously…my bible study book is spiral bound and wrapped up in this pretty fabric.

I am so taking it to Bible Study this Monday night to show it off see if they are interested in having their books bound and ordering a sweet cover from Joanne, too.

You know…it’s the little things in life that make it all worthwhile.


6 thoughts on “I am so excited!

  1. Oh, I so wish I could do this study with you all..Great idea to bind everything.I’m glad you decided to lead this after all.

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