Sarah’s Senior Ad and a new resolve to simplify and organize.

Seriously…this has been painful. We have thousands of pictures totally not organized, tossed in bins, drawers, photo boxes and a stack of albums. Yes…I have a couple of boxes of Creative Memories stuff…who has time for that?

I WANT time for that.

My Winter project is going to be to start getting our photos in some sort of order.

I have a couple of questions and I could really use your help and your answers.

1. Do you scrapbook?
2. Do you just put your photos in albums, without the “scrapbooking” part of it?
3. Do you put your photos in photo boxes in some semblance of order?
4. Do you toss duplicate photos/similar photos?
5. How do you store your negatives?
6. Where should I start/how do I get started?

Here is the really sad part…both Russell and I were on our high school yearbook staffs…I was the editor, for crying out loud! We passed that gene onto our oldest child. He was on the yearbook staff, too and was also an editor. Photos and preserving memories are important to me. I’m keeper of the Hart/Meyer family photos and history. My mother, in all of her smartness, has not given me the boxes yet to organize cuz, well, she knows I haven’t even gotten my stuff organized!

Once I figure out to upload the PDF file that is now Sarah’s Senior Ad…I’ll show it to you. In the meantime I’m off to watch last night’s episode of The Office.

Love ya.

3 thoughts on “Sarah’s Senior Ad and a new resolve to simplify and organize.

  1. I am scrapbooker. I store all of my photos in ziplock bags…they are handy because you can write right on the bag and it saves having to thumb through pictures. I don’t keep my negatives. I don’t put pictures in books w/o scrapbooking, but sometimes it is an easier way to do things. I don’t have much time to scrapbook either…but I will someday!

  2. You are inspiring me. I have wanted to organize my photos for some time. I will make it my Winter Project as well. I will also look for some good comments and suggestions here. Thanks!Love your blog…….

  3. I have semi-success with scrapbooking. Since I got a digital camara, I have switched to putting photos on cd and only printing out special ones to scrapbook.Before that, I just bought acid free books that you just slide the pictures in and wrote in the margins the pertinant facts.I still have some photos in boxes, but not so many.Good luck!

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