Memory Monday and a few updates…

I am so loving this idea from Joanne, The Simple Wife. I am now (FINALLY) memorizing me some scripture!

This week is another easy one and in a moment I’ll tell you why.

Matthew 10:8(b)…

“Freely you have received; freely give.”

That scripture has been pounded into me all week, in one way or another.

This morning during my quiet time I was working on A Guide to Prayer for All God’s People, the week of the first Sunday in Advent, and in the Reflections section, there was a prayer that I knew I was supposed to write down and memorize this week:

“O High and Glorious God,
enlighten my heart.
Give me unwavering faith,
sure hope,
and perfect love.
Give me deep humility,
wisdom and knowledge,
that I may keep your commandments. Amen”
Carlo Carretto

So, I am memorizing this prayer as well as my Monday Memory scripture.

An update from critter central…the coon is gone! Our pup, Samantha, scared him/her off. Sam was at the side door and I heard her go ballistic. By the time I got to the kitchen, whatever it was that set her off (and I’m convinced it was the coon) was long gone. Sam continued growling and snarling and barking for about 10 minutes afterwards. Every hair on her body was straight up and she was itching to get out one of our doors. I wouldn’t let her. Haven’t seen nor heard the coon since. The Man did find some frozen coon poop in the attic, but only the attic over the carport. I love our Sammie-girl.

My boy comes home tomorrow night!!! I can’t wait to see him and hug on him and make him cook every meal!

So did I mention that I ran into Jesus at the grocery store today? No? Well, I did. You see, for the last week or so, God has totally been thumping me on the head about being more aware of those around me. Yesterday’s sermon was on seeing Jesus and doing for Him when we see and help those around us.

Okay, so it takes me awhile to catch on, but this morning I finally asked Him to point out to me those He wants me to help, reach out to, etc., and specifics…I need specifics, God, cuz I’m dense and self-absorbed (mostly the self-absorbed thing).

Our grocery store has this new thing…you grab your very own hand-held scanner on the way in and scan your own groceries and bag ’em as you go. I’d never done it and was kinda in a rush, so I by-passed it on the way in, but as I watched everyone else doing it…I wanted to join in on the fun, too, so I went back to the front, got my mini-lesson and, scanner in hand, headed out into the jungle of aisles. I have to say that it was fun and also time-consuming. And I mean a lot of time was consumed.

After finally getting everything scanned and bagged and re-bagged and having to go back into the system to scan my $5.00 off coupon (so worth the aggravation) I headed out the door and ran smack-dab into The Salvation Army lady. I stopped and dropped in my $$ and turned to her for some on-the-run pleasantries. I can not remember exactly what she said, but I do know that it was an open-ended statement that afforded me the opportunity to stay and chat awhile or cut-and-run. Normally, I would have cut-and-run. This morning, I felt the tug to stay and chat.

Did. We. Ever.

For 35 minutes.

I never felt that I was to actually hand her some hard-cold-cash…although I was open to the idea and would have done it. She just needed someone to talk to. And God? He was so precious…He gave me words to say to encourage this woman. Words that I never would have bothered to say before. Or even thought to say before.

It was such a blessing…I can not begin to tell you.

As I dashed home to do the bidding of my daughter put my groceries away, I was seriously running late to get into the office before PW left for the airport, but I knew he would understand when I explained. He was just as tickled by all of it as I expected.

After all…it was HIS sermon that finally broke through my self-absorption yesterday.

I know it sounds trite and we (Christians) get slammed for tossing this around, but…

God is sooooo very good, y’all.

My prayer for each of you us this season is to make helping the least of these a habit.

I love you and I want you to know that you are such a huge, huge blessing to me.

P.S. Did I mention my boy is coming home tomorrow!!! He just called me. I can’t wait to see him!

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