It’s Random Wednesday!

Okay, every day at This Girl is random.

So the big kid finally came home for Thanksgiving break last night. It was The Boy, The Man and three yacky, chatty girls. Apparently, my men could not get a word in edgewise. It sounds like it was a fun group, though. One girl, Linn, Shawn has known since they were in kindergarten together. So we know their family very well. One of the girls, Meghan, Shawn knew in high school and took her to Homecoming his Senior year. She is a cutie. She is currently dating Shawn’s roomie. Don’t get me started. The other girl, Mary Ashley, they all know from high school. She flew in from wherever she is going to school (down South) and they picked her up in Richmond. She is in town to surprise her bf, Shawn’s best friend, Austin. (I know, right…try to keep up.)

So after being greeted at the door by the dog and his mother (in that order) Shawn unloaded all of his dirty laundry everything and we were able to sit down and chat a bit. It was so funny to watch the greetings between Shawn and his siblings.

Sarah ran in, arms wide open, screaming his name, flinging herself into his arms like she hadn’t seen him in years. Apparently she felt that was enough because she was soon out the door heading up to Trey’s. Without another word.

The younger kid came in after his sister blew out and he and his brother eyed each other.

Shawn was first with his brotherly love greeting: “Hey, Loser.”

Brett returned the love, plus some: “Loser? Idiot.”

Then they began talking as if they hadn’t been separated for months about every thing you can think of from paint balling to basket ball.

Ahhh…everything is back to normal for a few days.

I love it.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. You are so on my heart and in my prayers this week!

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  1. I absolutely love where my kids are right now but there is a part of me that can’t wait for the “loser and idiot” part. 🙂Hugs!!!

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