It was a Lovely Mother’s Day.

So I completely deleted the previous post on my Starbucks and Plain MandM’s fest following my major blow up at the old homestead the day before Mom’s Day. So glad that’s in the past.

Over the last year, I have become aware that God blessed me with my husband and these children for a purpose that is both humbling and awesome.

To be Christ to me here on this Earth.

It has to be true. I can blow it in a huge, huge way with Russell and, although he might get mad, even pout a bit, he rarely calls me out on it. He doesn’t avoid…oh he’ll get in my face, but not in the way I had just gotten in his. It is so very humbling.

(Once I come back down to earth and can see it.)

The same goes with the kids. They don’t hold a grudge. With me or their siblings. Shawn sometimes will let us know for a day or so that he is bent out of shape, but really…it is just incredible the way they forgive and forget, offer up hugs, kisses and “A Sarah Special” (sweet tea or water made just the way I like it). Even when they are grounded or have had privileges taken away.

I stayed home from Sunday school and Worship yesterday. Truthfully, it was the first and only day I had to try to put a dent in the laundry and give the main level of our home a scrubbin’. When the man and the monkeys came home after Worship, they talked me into going to our fave Mexican place for lunch. And it was fun and delicious.

When Shawn got home from working at the bike shop, I opened my gifts…flowers and a one-pound-bag of plain MandM’s from Shawn and a top-o-the-line Cuisinart Food Processor I had been eyeing and happened to mention to Shawn that I wanted. And of course the much-coveted Starbucks gift card to feed my habit.

We jumped into the Ark van and headed south (in the torrential, never-ending rain of the past few days) to the in-laws for dinner and chat time. Well, really, it was mostly just chatting between Russell, the kids and I. As soon as Grandad sits down, he falls asleep and you think you’re carrying on a conversation with Katie when in reality, you’re just talking to yourself cuz she can’t hear you.

All-in-all…a sweet Mother’s Day. I hope your Mother’s Day was, too.

Oh, and here’s a random question session…

Leave me a comment and tell me how you eat your MandM’s. Do you seperate them by color and eat them in a certain color order, crunching the outside off first before letting the creamy yummy inside melt in your mouth? Um…not that I know of anyone that eats her MandM’s that way, of course.

Do you like plain or peanut or (heaven forbid) peanut butter?

Do you wash your MandM’s down with milk or water or anything else?

Leave any other MandM details you feel led (or brave enough) to leave.

6 thoughts on “It was a Lovely Mother’s Day.

  1. Ooh, M&Ms. I decided in vet school that peanut M&Ms are about the most perfect snack food ever. Chocolate with a little punch of protein in the peanut, to keep you from spazzing if you eat too many.They got me through many a late night… 🙂


  2. I don’t like plain M&Ms. Peanut are okay. But I love peanut butter or the almond kind. We often get a bag of each and put them all together, in the same bowl. I usually eat them randomly, although every once in a while I will eat them by color. Least favorite (brown) to favorite (orange).I don’t wash them down with anything!


  3. Um, I eat them in color usually sorting them out evenly by their colors and then choosing a color to eat first, that depends on the mood, and of course I bite the crunchy outside off and let the chocolate melt. It is fun to see if you can get the shell of in only 2 pieces. :0)


  4. You crack me up Susan!! I get every part of you bc I am alot like you. My hubs and kids humble me every day. I’ll eat plain or peanut and in no order and nothing to drink!! 🙂Hugs my friend~Fran


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