Porch Sitting.

Sitting on our porch, overlooking the lake. Ripples of water from boats passing through our cove, lap at the docks and shoreline. Birds. Birds singing and trilling. Gliding onto the (newly full) bird feeder. Perching precariously on the suet feeder that has been replaced. Again. Racoon or Opossum thieves manage to untwist the chain that binds the holder to the pole weekly. Green is the dominant color today. That lovely light green that heralds new Spring growth. If it weren’t for the pollen, Spring would be my favorite season. Blasphemy for this Fall loving girl, I know. The browns of winter have been overcome by all the colors, though. Mind-blowing to the senses. To my senses. The sun is shining, and the bright blue sky gently cradles the softly billowing white clouds. A single gray cloud passes with a splash of rain that sends snacking birds to flight for cover. Twenty-five drops, at most. A cardinal signals the crew back to the feeder. To sit here for the day…alas, a too-fast bass boat blows into the quiet and the moment is pushed aside to memories. The day begins.

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